NEW: Gluten Free baking

Great news – this week we are starting our GLUTEN FREE baking at Kennedy’s Food Store! It’s been a while in the works but we have been busy working on our recipes and we finally feel delighted to present our first freshly homemade GF offering. We, as always, will be adhering to the highest standards of food production, baking everything ourselves from scratch, and delivering it to you at the best value price that we can offer.

The repertoire is small to start but each session and depending on demand we will be expanding our offerings….
The way this works is
We send you an email
You can send it on to other friends and family
You send us back an email by 5pm on Thursday with your order
We bake it on Friday afternoon
You collect and pay for it on Saturday and enjoy some delicious GF food and treats!!!

This Friday the 25th of February we will be baking:

  • Kennedy’s GF Oat & Millet Brown Bread
    €3.95 per loaf
  • GF White Loaf
    €4.05 per loaf
  • GF Chocolate Brownies
    €3.00 each
  • GF Almond Bakewell Slices
    €3.00 each

Currently, there is no minimum order so feel free to get anything from 1 brownie to 20 loaves. Some customers are already opting to order 2 or 3 loaves and freezing them. I also hear that the brownies freeze well.

Please, get back to us via email before Thursday at 5pm. Also….spread the GLUTEN FREE good news to colleagues, friends and family. We’re really delighted to be bringing this new offering to you.

I also have to, for health and safety standards and also to continue our tradition of dealing with our customers in a fully transparent way, explain that baking will occur in a segregated manner to avoid cross contamination. All areas will be fully sanitised and cooking utensils are used for GF only baking. We have not yet received our inspection from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland however, this is pending and should occur before our next batch. Those who are highly gluten sensitive must consider this before ordering however, let me give you a further assurance that we are taking full and correct measures to ensure the integrity of the product.

We look forward to providing you with good value tasty treats and fresh bread! If you wish to enquire about GF main courses feel free to pop it in the mail too.